Details are released to the customers immediately
Our work is focused on national and international car transports but we are arranging transports of any kind of goods.

Customers are informed of any details concerning the transport but about the possibilities as well. Communication is one of the most important things for us.

Time loyalty and flexibility lead to daily success
keeping appointments, reliability, flow of information and flexibility – all these things are on the first place for us.

Birchbauer Transports gains the advantage to be a small business, as business flows quicker, more flexible and in short-term. Therefore no long waiting periods are caused for the customer.


Guiding principles:

• We like our customers as humans.
• We do all the work for the customer and we save their time and money
   which improves the whole quality.
• Through extreme power we are competitive and gain advantages and
• We have always time for our customers!
• The customers indicate how much support is needed.

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